Mera Kitchen Collective is a co-op in Baltimore focused on providing underrepresented refugee and immigrant individuals with entrepreneurial success through true ownership and community connections. 
I helped start Mera Kitchen after living in Madrid where I worked with founders on Madrid for Refugees' food project, Chefugee. Upon returning to Baltimore, I wanted to do a similar model of pop-up dinners featuring immigrant women interested in cooking. Today, Mera Kitchen is working on pop-ups, cooking classes, and even has a stall at the Baltimore City Food Market each Sunday morning. You can learn more about them here.
I built the brand with the amazing women who make up the group from around the world. After strategizing mission and vision, core values, and even our name, we were able to create a visual identity inspired by Middle Eastern and Persian tile art. The icon is reminiscent of the beautiful style crafted in the bowls and plates from this region and the color palette reflects all of the delicious foods.

Menu design for our kick-off event at Hersh's in southwest Baltimore City in June 2017.

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