The new, modern logo.

Intelligent Drinking is a startup working out of Austin, TX that creates health products to ease the after affects of the consumption of alcohol. I worked with the team remotely to modernize their main company logo. We established a brand strategy centered on trust, social, balance, active, and smart. 
Brand statement: We believe everything we do should lead to people having more active, social, and balanced lifestyles. By sharing our expertise in the powerful field of nutrition, we create smart products with health benefits to qualm the effects from drinking alcohol.

While the grey-blue hues were associated with the original brand, I pulled in the light blue color for their first product launch. I added the deep wine color for their target audience (wine drinkers) to feel connected to the brand.

I wanted the company to have versatility with their logo for the many places it would show up in marketing, so a square version was necessary. 

In case your curious, this is the original ID logo (not made by me).

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